Presentations are all the individual sessions that take place over the course of your event, for Conference they are visible in the schedule, and for OnePage they are treated as unique videos.
To build the days events you create a presentation and then you will link your presenters to the presentation, and decide on what additional content you want to show for each session.
Additional content can be downloads as well as what viewers will see in the widget area to the right of the video player or if there is to be any additional content at all.

The session card on a schedule *only in Conference layout
The session information when live, this is in both layouts
  • What is presentation type for this session
    • You select from the presentation types created in general settings
  • The title of the presentation
  • A short one line subtitle
  • The "about " content that explains in detail what the presentation is about.
  • Downloadable content for the guests,
    • This may be worksheets or copies of the slides being presented.
  • Who is presenting on this session and what is their presenter type
    • eg: Ben is Keynote, Brian is panel member.
  • What stage this presentation will be on
  • What day the presentation will be on
  • How long is the presentation due to run for
  • What number is this session in the days order
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