General Settings
When any event is created in Bettercast there is a set of decisions that need to be made about your features as well as adding the basic event information.
When you set up the event, you can create it either as an agency or production team where you will create multiple events for other businesses under your management or create the account as the event itself.
No matter what you set it up as, you can create multiple events in your account.

  • Event title
  • Event slogan
  • Event description
    • A short paragraph on the core USP of your event
  • Custom domain:
    • This can be eg: however once your event is created this can not be changed
  • Time zone the event will take place in
    • Your guests will see your schedule in their time zone
  • Dates of your event
  • Start and finish times of each day
  • Required attendee agreements that you need
    • Every event attendee has to agree to the Bettercast T/C however you may have your own agreements that users need to make before they access your event
  • URL you have for the attendees to go to, to read the agreement details
  • Will tickets be unlimited or one ticket per user
  • Do you want to give access to your event before the start date or keep them on the landing page.
These settings are the same no matter what event type you choose.

  • Speaker profiles
  • Exhibitor hall & micro-sites
  • Sponsor page
  • Networking rooms
  • Multiple concurrent stages
  • On demand viewable
    • Only for the OnePage layout

  • What is the name for each stage
  • What order do you want them to show

  • What are the different types of presentations you want to have at the event
    • This can be Keynote, Panel and so on
  • Font colour and background colour of the presenter card title

  • What are the different types of presenters you will have at your event
    • Every presentation can have different types of presenters such as a moderator and a panel guests.
  • Font colour and background colour of the presenter card title
  • What are the different types of sponsors you want to have at your event.
    • You can use a basic Gold, Sliver, Bronze format or create a custom list of your own.

  • What are the different categories of your exhibitors
  • What order do you want the exhibitor categories to show on your page

  • What are the different types of networking or breakout room categories do you want.
    • You can have multiple rooms in a single category.
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