Buying a ticket
Busing a ticket on the Bettercast platform
After registering and filling in a profile, if you need to purchase a ticket you will be presented with a screen similar to this:
You will select how many tickets you want
  • Select the number of tickets you want
  • Select the type of tickets you want
  • Add your credit card or debit credit card details
    • We only accept, Visa and Mastercard
  • Click purchase.
You will receive an email with your purchase details to the email address you registered to the account.
You will then see the thankyou page and you can now enter the event.
Ticket expiry is determined by the event provider.

Buying more than one ticket

If you purchase more than one ticket you will receive an email with the list of access codes that correspond to the number of tickets you purchased.
You will need to distribute the codes to your team, and they will need to register an account and enter the access code when prompted.
Access codes will have a format similar to