Registration and access
All attendees have to create a Bettercast account, however you can use your login and password to access any event that is hosted on the platform.

Using your email

To create an account you will need to add your email and create a password.
To create a secure password
  • You will need a minimum of 8 characters
  • One number and one letter
  • cant be too similar to your email

Using LinkedIn

coming soon
If you are using LinkedIn please be sure to accept and give all appropriate permissions

Using Metamask

Coming soon.
If you use LinkedIn to create an account we will pre-fill these details for you.
If you use Metamask to create your account, your details will be assume anonymous.
You will not be able to make accounts with multiple services, if you choose LinkedIn you will not be able to use Metamask at a later time.
Last modified 4mo ago